Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Explanatory post

The Old Schools (the administration of the University of Cambridge) is in the process of constructing in the University Combination Room a lift that will look like a giant Tardis.

The University Combination Room is one of the most beautiful and elegant rooms in the University. It has been in use since early in the fifteenth century. It is of immense historical importance for it was the meeting-room and chapel of the Regent Masters from 1400. It was where the current self-governing and democratic University of Cambridge developed. It should not be despoiled in this way. Many members of the Regent House (the governing body of the University) are most concerned by this construction and have forced the issue to a vote of the full Regent House (which roughly consists of the Fellows of the Colleges and members of the academic staff).

This blog will track the debate leading up to the vote primarily for the assistance of members of the Regent House deciding how to vote. Here will be posted all kinds of relevant material including the fly-sheets, points of view as well as photo and graphics of the proposed changes.

In the meantime here is a photo of the Combination Room unsullied:

The Tardis will be built on the dais at the far end of the room.

And this is the view from a window in the room looking out on the Gate of Honour (part of Caius College) . This view will be destroyed by having the Tardis built in front of it:

The Grace on which the Regent House will vote is:

That all construction works for a lift into the Regent House Combination Room be removed and the building returned to its former state, and that the Council report, as soon as convenient, to the Regent House with proposals to secure reasonable access to the Combination Room and associated rooms for those unable to use the stairs.

More details will follow as they become available.

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