Saturday, 6 March 2010

Council vacillates and delays

Council is still divided on what to do about the lift. But there is no way in which it can avoid allowing the Regent House a vote on this issue. It can delay further but Nemesis is afoot and each day that passes bring the vote closer.
What it should do is simple. It should submit the Grace to the Regent House and let the Regent House speak.... after reading the fly-sheets for and against the lift. Instead it seems to be considering a Report to the Regent House to explain why it is not putting the Grace. But it is obviously not a good reason to go down the Report route just because the Council finds the Grace an inconvenience....but what other reason can it have? The Report will have to approved by the Regent House. So the Regent House will get to vote then; but only after what will doubtless be a torrid Discussion and further delay! The Regent House is going to decide whether this lift stays or goes. It is actually the Governing Body of the this is wholly appropriate. Let the Regent House speak! Council meets again on the 15th March 2010. Let us hope that common sense breaks out.


  1. And on Monday 8 March 2010, CUSU Council passed a motion, 'Speaking out for disabled access':

    "CUSU notes a recent article in TCS, which revealed that ninety Cambridge fellows had spoken out against the installment of a lift in the University Combination Room.


    "CUSU believes that it is worrying that these dons prioritised the nuances of the University's decision-making process over both the Disability Discrimination Act and disability rights.

    "CUSU believes that it is fantastic that the University has decided to continue building the lift."

    "CUSU resolves ... to set up a petition on the CUSU website with the following statement:

    "'We, the undersigned, wholeheartedly support the University's plans to install a lift into the University Combination Room, and welcome its decision to go ahead and do so. We are disappointed that it was met with opposition from a small group of fellows on the grounds of petty internal politics, and are glad that they were in the minority and disability rights have been recognised as the more pressing concern. We would like to call on all members of the University to prioritise disability equality, building on this progress to continue to ensure that all aspects of the University are fully accessible to all, balancing this with but not prioritising the aesthetics of buildings.'


    "CUSU resolves to mandate the CUSU President to endeavour to ensure that the press are aware that those who objected to the building of the lift are in the minority, and CUSU is fully committed to working with the University to ensure that disabled access is a priority.


  2. anonymous1209 should see the earlier post "This controversy is not about access for the disabled".